The Rules

  1. ***Rules not noted as exceptions or as stated below shall be governed by USGA rules as interpreted by the B.N.F G.C. rules committee.
  2. Soft spikes are required. Dress code to be dictated by course rules.
  3. All team members should practice READY golf. Perform your shot preparation while you’re waiting to hit.
  4. A ball against the fence must be played as it lies or a two-club length relief is allowed with a one-stroke penalty.
  5. A lost ball constitutes a two-stroke penalty including balls lost in the fairway.
  6. Balls should be marked with a unique identifiable mark to avoid confusion when looking for wayward shot. Type of balls and unique marks should be shown to your opponents prior to starting,
  7. A ball discovered to be out of bounds may be dropped in bounds at the spot with a two-stroke penalty.
  8. Provisional tee shots must be declared before the ball is hit.
  9. Opponents may concede short putts, but is not required or expected.
  10. Ball may not be changed on the green without opponent’s approval.
  11. Unintentional bumping of the ball off the tee shall not be deemed a stroke
  12. Any team not on the starting tee by our last tee time shall forfeit the match. A team must include one due paying member.
  13. Teams forfeiting 2 times during the year shall be immediately terminated from the league for the remainder of the current year, and possibly the following year.
  14. Forfeiture shall be counted 0 / 11 for the forfeiting team.
  15. The opposing team shall receive 0 points, but the point possibility will not affect their point %. Example: Forfeit team start % = 5 /11 for .455% after forfeit 5 /22 for .227%.
  16. Example: Opposing team start % = 6 / 11 for .545, after forfeit 6 / 11 for .545%
  17. If a team is removed from the league, their opponents use the same format described above.
  18. All protests or questions shall be immediately brought to the attention of the Handicap Chairman who shall direct them to the rules committee for a final ruling.
  19. Each scorecard shall be signed by the scorer and attested to by an opponent. The number of points won by each team must be clearly written and circled. Cards turned into the handicap chairman shall be considered final. Checking of score cards turned in shall be done for handicap accuracy only. The Chairman shall notify the player in question of any changes.