Team Requirements

  1. Active Players: Throughout the entire season each team must have 1 active member playing
  2. Subs may be used at any time during the season.
  3. If you use a sub, notify the opposing team and the commissioner prior to your match
  4. Subs must have an established handicap set by an existing USGA or NCGA or BNFGC system
  5. BNFGC handicaps are set by having 3 nine hole rounds scored and attested by the commissioner
  6. A team player playing without his partner or a substitute for his partner shall be assessed a 10% penalty on his non-playing partner’s scorecard. This is called ‘ghosting’ The 10% penalty is levied on the total handicap plus par with the total score being distributed over the nine holes with regard to hole difficulty

****NOTE: For teams with more than 2 players, the highest handicap player will be used to compute the 10% penalty.