Scoring System

1. The 2017-point scoring will be the same as last year, which is 1 point per hole and 1 point for each head-to-head match for a total of 11 points per round.


2. The two low handicap players and two higher handicap players opposing each other shall determine individual head-to-head matches. In the event that both players of one team have the same handicap, a coin toss before the tee off shall determine the pairing.


3. Indexes for the start of this season will pick up from the end of last year. Weekly indexes are based on the last 7 rounds played and each successive round shall be added and the oldest round dropped.


4. Maximum handicap is 27 (triple bogey maximum on any hole). Handicaps for the playoffs are frozen at your handicap for the last week. Your handicap for the end of year tournament shall be determined by the average of the 5 best rounds during league play.