2017 League Information

  • The league cost is $170 per person
  1. But only $85 if you aren’t playing in the end of the year tournament(EYOT)
  2. That payment is due anytime between now and Opening Night (March 30th)
  3. The Second payment of $85 will be due no later than June 29th
  4. You can pay in full at any time between now and Opening night
  5. We will be playing the Foxtail North Course only!!!
  •  Three options to pay.
  1. a) Cash
  2. b) Check – Make payable to Paul Schaffer
  3. c) paypal – paulieschaffer@gmail.com
  • Send Checks or cash to:
  • Paul Schaffer
  • 437 Mission Blvd
  • Santa Rosa, Ca 95409
  •  The cost per week is $20 to walk – plus $2 for the prize fund. Carts are extra
  1. a) both courses costs were raised
  2. b) the south course was raised to $16
  3. c) the south course isn’t worth $16
  4. d) the south course sucks
  •  The season starts Thurs. March 30th and will run every Thurs. until August 24th
  •  Our Tee times are from 4:39 to 5:24