Chat Time

Chris Addiego & Paul Schaffer

29-Mar NF Drawshank Redemption
5-Apr NB Dude Where’s My Par
12-Apr SF Spice Boys
19-Apr SB Bv Slicers
26-Apr NF Ironwood
3-May NB Title 22
10-May SF Catdragins
17-May SB Da Beers
24-May NF Weapons of Grass Destruction
31-May NB Drawshank Redemption
7-Jun SF Dude Where’s My Par
14-Jun SB Spice Boys
21-Jun NF Bv Slicers
28-Jun NB Ironwood
5-Jul SF Bye Holiday
12-Jul SB Title 22
19-Jul NF Catdragins
26-Jul NB Da Beers
2-Aug NF Weapons of Grass Destruction
4-Aug   rd 1
5-Aug   rd2
11-Aug   rd3
18-Aug   finals